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Church members celebrate new building in south Billings

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Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 24, 2022

Christ the King Lutheran Church started in the 1960's and held its very first service in a new buidling this month.

The church members celebrated the opening two weeks ago on Palm Sunday.

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Courtesy: Christ The King Lutheran Church

"Transition from the old building to the new building with a procession of palms," Pastor Ryan Wendt said. "Very much like what happens in a lot of churches on Palm Sunday anyway."

Wendt said the new building has more room and will make it easier for some of the older members.

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But he also emphasized the church's focus remains the same.

"Still preaching Christ crucified to save sinners," Wendt said. "Just a new building new space in which to do it."

"You go to church to hear the Word of God," said Billie Krenzler, who attends Christ the King. "And sometimes it doesn't matter if it's in someone's living room or whatever."

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Krenzler is one of the original members and remembers church services in the Pastor's home in 1964.

She said the original building which opened in 1965, was supposed to be temporary.

More recently, the building had been in the planning for several years.

"Only by the grace of God have we gotten to this point," Wendt said. "Without his aid Council the support of the members and their generosity towards this project, certainly, this couldn't have happened."

"It really did pull us all together more tightly and focus around the word, around the things that last the things that are eternal," said Michael Verseman, also a Christ the King member.

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Verseman was the chair of the church's building committee and says everyone agreed that Christ the King Lutheran Church would stay in the property, near King Avenue East.

"Everything you see in here, that really anchors our confession of faith are things that are solid and heavy and massive that are going to be here permanent for my kids and my kids' kids," Verseman said.

"You know, we got younger people in the church and children coming back," Kenzler said.

" The building is new, but it's the same sinners in the pews that need forgiveness," Wendt said.