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Christmas tree craze; Billings business sees uptick in early decorating

Posted at 9:51 PM, Nov 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-30 08:41:42-05

BILLINGS - For many people, the end of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

That rings true at Billings Hardware on Grand Avenue where they have begun to sell trees.

"We got our trees delivered to us middle of last week, and so we opened up the tree lot last weekend, so We've been open about a week, and we've had really good sales so far, people are excited to be decorating for Christmas after the 2020 we've had so far," project coordinator Kandis Albertson said.

The first trees to go are always the extra large ones.

"We have a couple 12-13 foot trees that we get in and those have already sold, so people were super happy to get those big trees home and start decorating them," Albertson said.

Billings Hardware also stocks miniature trees, for those with less space - and boughs for the pine scent and projects.

"Our most common tree is a 7-8' Fraser Fir, but a lot of people it really depends. You have some people that want that perfect, beautiful, filled out tree even, and you have some people that want that Charlie Brown Tree as well," Albertson said.

They help first time tree buyers with all safety tips.

"We'll either do it, or when you get come you're going to want to do a fresh cut on the bottom of that tree so that it starts absorbing water when you get it in the base. The other thing is even if you're not going to put it inside and decorate it right away the thing you want to do is get it in a bucket of water or your tree stand with water and then you want to make sure you continuously keep water in the base of that tree," Albertson said.

Billings Hardware also stocks miniature trees for those with less space, and boughs for the pine scent, and for projects.

"We can even take off the first bottom branches so that it's all ready to go into your tree stand for you, or you can do it. Some people it's part of their tradition to get it ready," Albertson said.

Speaking of traditions, Billings Hardware is proud to be a part of those with the community through their annual pumpkin sales and tree sales.

"We have so many people, the pumpkin patch, the trees, both of them, it's their tradition to come to Billings Hardware, to get their tree, their pumpkin," Albertson said, "When it's colder out we'll have hot chocolate out so they just make a night of it, they get the tree, they take a it home and they get it decorated and it's great fun, and we get to be a part of that."

Albertson said it is totally fine to return to get your tree trimmed if there was a problem with your measuring.

Though there are two Billings Hardware locations, the trees will only be sold at the Grand Avenue store.