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Castlerock Park master plan nearly complete

Posted at 8:23 PM, Oct 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-11 23:16:13-04

A community center and an event pavilion are a couple of new ideas for the 25-acre Castlerock Park.

Architects from Cushing Terrell held the last public meeting on developing a master plan on Sunday afternoon at the park.

According to the city of Billings website, the park was built in 1982 and is partially complete.

Cushing Terrell architects say the city has never had an approved master plan for Castlerock Park.

Surveys and meetings show the community wants to maintain and keep the grass sports fields, better restrooms and a natural destination playground.

"Castlerock Park is just the gem of the heights," said Stephanie Donovan, Cushing Terrell landscape architect. "It's going to be like the Pioneer Park of the heights, but for the whole community. people had a lot of personal stories, happy memories."

"When it was built back in the '90s it was not fully developed so it missed a lot of the amenities that the community really wanted then including a swimming pool and an event center and a playground," said Dayton Rush, also a Cushing Terrell landscape architect. "Those things just have never been built, so this is the first chance to finally see some of those elements be built into this park."

About 400 have made comments so far.

"People had a lot of personal stories, happy memories," Donovan said.

"It's really great to build on that history and that success," Rush said.

The city is still accepting public comment.

Rush said the plan is to present the proposal to the city council in November and if approved, it's likely construction of a playground will start in the Spring.