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Browns Blowup Christmas celebrates with big decorations

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Posted at 12:30 AM, Dec 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-13 08:02:47-05

BILLINGS - The Browns Blowup Christmas in the Heights started in 2017.

Every year they add more inflatables with about 10 this year for a total of 70 in the display.

The Browns tout their decorations is the biggest inflatable display in Billings.

They say they really liked the large decorations, but is special and adds to the Christmas celebration and tradition.

It takes a lot of labor to set up but it's a special part of their Christmas

"People driving by," said Shayla Brown about why she and her husband Chase stay motivated to continue the tradition. "If we're outside, people roll the windows down and say thank you so much."

The presentation at 930 Silverbell Circle has grown so much that they need to use the yards of their next-door neighbors.

"It's kind of a fun thing," said. They've helped us set it up as well. So neighborhood support family support."

"The neighbors have been fantastic," said Chase Brown. "Considering we add a lot of traffic in the evening to our little quiet cul de sac that's pretty gracious of them."

It all started with Chase's family giving the Browns some inflatables.

"We've gotten them from different people so each of them have a little bit of a different memory," said Shayla.

Also, Shayla grew up in the Heights and drew inspiration from a display in the neighborhood on Alkali Creek Road in Arrowhead Drive.

"I remember driving by and being like, I'm gonna do that one day," Shayla said. "And I didn't realize I'd be so close to them."

They have camaraderie with others who decorate and those who drive by to see the inflatable Christmas display

"When you do you see some really big displays, it's really impressive that people are willing to do that," said Kristin Wisdom. "It's really nice that they put that on for their community."

The Wisdoms get that community togetherness by taking several trips around Billings looking at lights and decorations.

"We're doing little 20 or 30-minute runs," said Brady Wisdom, Kristin's husband. "Break it up into a bunch of pieces. It's actually a lot easier."

"We have fun with it, but the whole point is to help spread the joy," Chase said.

The Browns will keep that tradition going because it's already a big part of 18-month-old Bridgers life.

"It's been a lot of fun seeing his Christmas spirit kind of come to life from this as well," Shayla said.

"Well that's the whole point of Christmas is just getting excited," said Chase.