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Billings' Spotify Wrapped listeners range from Slayer to Swift

Posted at 6:08 PM, Dec 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-01 20:08:27-05

BILLINGS — This year's Spotify Wrapped, an annual service offered by the music streaming company that informs users of their most listened songs and artists, was released earlier this week.

"The best thing about things like Spotify Wrapped is it really is unique to the person and kind of gives them what their musical identity is," said TJ Goodwin, owner of Cameron Records in midtown Billings.

Billings locals said they had a range of listening habits, including contemporary favorites such as Taylor Swift and Zach Bryan and certified classics, including Megadeth and Guy Clark.

Some listeners, such as local musician Chris Selvig, said they prefer to continue buying their music digitally and physically instead of using streaming services.

“If I buy the album off of iTunes, I am sure that at least some small amount of the money that I’m putting into having the music goes back to the artist that created it," said Selvig.

Others, including musician Alfred Arellano, a sales associate at Hansen Music on Billings West End, said Spotify is an endlessly useful tool.

“I use it when I’m practicing with my drums for songs that we’re learning," said Arellano.

The drummer listened to more than 91,000 minutes of music this year, according to his Spotify Wrapped. He said his top five artists of 80s hair-metal bands "fit right there with him."