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Billings residents make the most of wintry weather

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Posted at 1:08 AM, Oct 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-26 08:24:38-04

BILLINGS - The weather had its effects with people making their adjustments and becoming even busier.

Driving around town on the slick pavement, life slowed down but people settled into their winter routines.

Some took the opportunity to help others and cleared the snow, including Harmony Allison, who is in the fourth grade.

"It's kind of fun," Allison said about shoveling.

She enjoyed this snowy day, clearing the driveway for her grandmother and shoveling part of the sidewalk for a neighbor across the street.

"I wanted to shovel a little bit because my grandma doesn't really like to shovel," Allison said.

Joseph Trottier, a service tech for Montana Sprinkler Service, has been working in the business for 43 years

"I've done them where there's been two feet of snow on the ground," Trottier said. "And you can still still see the vapor. You don't see all the water coming out of them. But if you run them long enough, water does come out of the sprinklers."

Trottier said last week he was wearing shorts while clearing sprinklers and this week the weather still worked out well.

"Had a good fall," Trottier said. "Leaves still on the trees, a lot of them. It's been a good fall. Snow this first day don't scare us because it's going to get nice again here in a week or two or so."

And the road conditions made for more cautious driving.

"Knew it was coming," said Aaron Peterson. "It's really cold but we knew it's coming. Real slick today driving around. People got to be cautious and watch out."

Peterson is from Southern California, has lived in Billings for 22 years and is used to the winter weather.

"It's four seasons," Peterson said. "It is the Magic City."

Trottier started in September and may do about 1,000 sprinkler systems by the time he finishes in January. And this weather will not slow him down.

"As soon as we get done today, we'll probably be plowing snow tonight cause we do snow removal also," Trottier said. "If it don't snow a whole lot, we'll be out plowing snow in the morning."

Allison said this weather is special.

"I mean, snowing in October," she said.