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Billings neighborhood brings Christmas to Candy Cane Lane

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Posted at 10:33 PM, Dec 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 00:33:27-05

Many neighborhoods around Billings celebrate Christmas with lights, including at stretch of Avenue E known as Candy Cane Lane.

Many of the homes on the 2-1/2 blocks between Rehberg Lane and 32nd Street West get decorated.

"With the name itself candy canes, I guess that's representative of Christmas in itself," said neighborhood resident Frank Oster. "And of course the nativity scene is very important as far as my house is concerned. So we started decorating and then they had an idea and then we had a decision whether we wanted it to be Poinsettia Lane, or Candy Cane Lane and then Candy Cane Lane won out."

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Oster and his wife were among the first on Candy Cane Lane, which started in 1996.

Five year later, following the 911 terrorist attacks, neighbors put up flags, which became part of the Christmas decorations.

"So we all got together and made the flags put the lights in them," Oster said. "And we did that same thing with the candy canes."

And others in the Candy Cane Lane neighborhood share the passion for celebrating Christmas.

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"I do it for my mother and my father," said Jo Stuber. "But since he's passed away, and my mom lives here in town, you know, you just do it for the older people and all the buses and the kids and the excitement is for me."

"It actually kind of brings the whole neighborhood together," said Jeff Schleining, Stuber's husband.

"There are other neat streets in the city of Billings which I'm proud of," said Oster. "My daughter wanted as a gift, we just celebrated our 60th anniversary, is to give us a trip around town to see all the rest of the lights."

"I just hope it you know brings a smile on to somebody and it does and that you know it's worth doing every single year," Stuber said.