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Billings Senior High School student running for 2020 Montana State Legislature

High school senior running for State Legislature
Posted at 11:38 AM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 13:58:56-05

BILLINGS — A senior at Billings Senior High School, Mallerie Stromswold, has decided to run for the 2020 Montana State Legislature. Her choice? House District 50. The seat consists of a majority of midtown Billings and a portion of the South Side around Highland Park.

On her Campaign website, Stromswold said she offers a unique and contemporary outlook on Montana's politics.

The seat has been held by Democratic Rep. Jade Bahr since 2018.

Attempts to contact Stromswold for an interview have been unsuccessful.

According to her website:

Mallerie Stromswold is an eighteen year old Billings native running for the 2020 election of Montana State Legislature. Mallerie is an open-minded Republican who stresses small government. Although she hasn’t had as much public service experience in comparison to many of those in the legislature, she is ambitious and ready to serve her constituents. She is also much younger than most of our current legislators. She believes adding the element of a younger presence may be exactly what Montana needs to inflict change.

Some of Mallerie’s political passions have always surrounded things that she has seen affect the people of Montana. During the 2021 session, she is looking to focus on the rising issue of human trafficking, preserving public land access, education, and ensuring economic freedom stays in tact. Taking wealth from one destroys wealth for all. As one, Montana needs to ensure we have a liveable climate for big and small businesses to succeed.

Mallerie is extremely excited to start the journey of running for State Legislature. When she isn’t spending time on her campaign, you can usually find Mallerie experimenting in the kitchen, watching her favorite documentaries, and spending quality time with her friends and family. She also spends hours volunteering at Tracy’s Closet, a non profit organization in Billings Montana that provides free clothing for young girls without.

Mallerie looks forward to serving Montana in the 2021 session.