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Billings hairdresser provides private haircuts for sensory sensitive kids

Posted at 5:01 PM, May 21, 2023

BILLINGS — For families with kids that have disorders like autism, even a simple haircut can be overwhelming. That’s why one Billings hairdresser holds private haircuts one day out of the month for sensory sensitive kids and adults called ‘Sensory Sunday.'

Four year old twins Liam and Lane Bernhagen love to play and laugh like any other kids.

“Growing so fast, don’t know where time has gone,” said the twin’s mother, Kayla Bernhagen on Sunday at Tres Chic Salon in the Heights.

However, these twins are a little different than most.

“They are nonverbal and are autistic. We got the diagnosis a little after two, I think it was around two and a half,” Bernhagen said.

For the twins, a trip to the hair salon can be overstimulating especially if its crowded.


“It was hard to find somewhere that didn’t overwhelm them,” said Bernhagen.

That’s where hairdresser Danielle Hultberg comes in.

“When I provide my service, there’s a couple of little kids that I let run around and I cut while I go,” Hultberg said.

She hosts a monthly ‘Sensory Sunday’ at Tres Chic Salon where kids and adults with special needs can receive a private haircut.

“It’s not just autism, not just sensory processing, not just down syndrome but those that were born with mental disabilities as well,” said Hultberg.


Hultberg came up with the idea a year ago, taking from her own personal experiences.

"Being a mom of a special needs kid is very tough. There’s not a lot of avenues out there,” Hultberg said.

She hopes to provide a safe space for these kids and adults that might need it the most.

“I just want to be that understanding person and I wish I was more for my own son but if I can just change the lives of so many others, my son has so much support and love,” said Hultberg.

And the families that visit her couldn’t be more grateful.

“It’s a wonderful experience having Danielle here with us and she’s just very supportive. I really can’t imagine going through this whole process without her,” Bernhagen said.

You can learn more about 'Sensory Sunday' or schedule an appointment by reaching out to Hultberg on her Facebook profile.