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Billings fourth graders learn about the world through art show at Rimrock Mall

Posted at 4:16 PM, Apr 19, 2024

BILLINGS — Dozens of fourth-grade art students from around Billings were hosted at a reception in their and their teacher's honor at a recent visit to Rimrock Mall.

"It gives students a chance to learn about the world around them," said Brittany Kolbe, a fourth grade art teacher, about the creation of art for students.

The show was on display from April 5 to April 18.

"As someone who grew up in the area, anytime you get to show artwork at the Rimrock Mall, it's a big deal," said Jess Peterson, father of fourth-grade student Cadence, whose self-portrait in front of mountains and a pink Montana sunset was on display.

While some teachers emphasized the impact of art on the material world, others focused on its importance in the personal development of the students.

"It (is also) this social (and) emotional component that helps them be the most authentic versions of themselves," said Amber Dimich, a fourth-grade art teacher.

Trevor Albaugh, a fifth grader who collaborated with fourth graders on a Suminagashi (floating ink) print, took a moment to describe Elizabeth Fisher, an event organizer, as "a great art teacher."

"I really just like the freedom of it. You can really, kind of, do whatever you want. You can never have a bad piece," said Albaugh, who explained that art will "always" be in his future.