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Billings elementary school levy headed for passage

Elder Grove levy failing
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Posted at 8:14 PM, Jul 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-07 22:54:21-04

The Billings elementary school levy was headed for approval Tuesday night, while the Elder Grove School District levy was failing.

The Billings school district’s elementary school levy was passing with 54 percent of the vote, while the Elder Grove school district was failing with 39 percent.

Elections officials said they have not counted any of the votes dropped off Tuesday, although they expect only about 500 more.

The total for the Billings measure was 16,188 yes votes to 13,437 no votes.

“We are super excited and humbled by the support from the community, realizing of course what our community is going through and our state and our nation and to show the support for public education is humbling," Superintendent Greg Upham said after learning the results.“This is the number one issue, other than the overall safety for students and staff. It’s a huge issue. We needed this. It will help us immensely. Moving forward, we can begin to dig ourselves out of the deficit and support children.”

The $1.6 million Billings elementary school levy will help the district keep up with the status quo, paying for necessities such as lights, heat and certain employees.

The passage of the levy will not save the jobs of roughly 40 full-time employees eliminated this spring, which saved the district about $2.6 million and helped fill a budget hole.

The $599,000 Elder Grove levy would help boost classroom offerings in the district, particularly in the trade industries. It was losing 896 to 395.

School officials have said they’re looking to improve the industrial arts program with metals and wood labs.

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