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Billings dance group delivers special birthday celebration

Posted at 10:39 AM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-04 11:00:41-04

BILLINGS - One of the things we’re missing out most on during this quarantine is the ability to celebrate others - special events, anniversaries, birthdays. But one Billings group figured out a social-distancing way to honor of their own.

“I saw it on TV for weddings in New York City and birthday parties for children, so I thought well, no matter how old we get we love to have our birthdays celebrated," said Phyllis Forney.

The Daughters of the Nile dance group have been getting together for every member’s birthday for years. So not even the coronavirus was going to stop them from surprising President Sue Revell at her house.

“I went up to her house and then told her I would be right back," said fellow dancer Norma Lechner. "Then I came and got in my car like I was getting something else and took off and everybody followed, so it was fun and I know she enjoyed it.”

Friends first paraded by Revell's house in honking cars before getting out to deliver presents, goodies, and lots of bright, hand-drawn signs - the brighter, the better with this group that is used to showing off.

“We dance for ceremonials. We dance for installations of new members and of course our Queen," said Lechner.

“They’ve been around I think 50 years, and I’ve been in it 30, and I enjoy every minute of it," said Forney. "We have meetings and get togethers, luncheons and dinners, but our main goal is to raise money for the children’s hospital.”

It’s that spirit that made Thursday's show come to life.

“We just want to show our support and to get some cheerful news out there instead of everything else that’s going on," Lechner said.