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Billings crews respond to flooded streets

Posted at 10:54 AM, Jun 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-03 13:11:05-04

(City of Billings Press Release)

BILLINGS – Local emergency services are being inundated with calls related to this week’s significant rainfall.

Dispatchers, law enforcement and fire departments are aware the rain is causing issues along storm drains, roads, ditches, low-lying areas, and for some, flooded basements.

While the rainfall continues, we are asking residents to reserve calls to 911 for life-saving emergencies.

Flooding at Happy Homes apartments on Billings West End

Street crews can clear debris from storm drains, however, our first responders are unable to assist in situations of flooded fields, basements, and homes, unless someone’s life is at risk.

If you encounter a flooded area or a road with running water, turn around and find an alternate route. Flood water can be hazardous and has the potential to wash out roads, stall vehicles, and cause drivers to lose control.

More rain is expected in the coming days, so we encourage everyone to stay vigilant and be prepared for flash flooding.