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Billings City Council candidate Ulvestad says he's paid fines related to DUI conviction

Issue addressed at candidate forum
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Posted at 10:46 PM, Oct 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 16:10:54-04

BILLINGS — Dennis Ulvestad, the Billings City Council candidate running to represent Ward 5, said a warrant for his arrest has been dismissed after he paid the fines charged from a probation violation tied to a 2017 DUI conviction.

Ulvestad addressed the warrant at a City Council candidate forum Tuesday night at the Billings Public Library, hours after The Billings Gazette reported he had an outstanding warrant tied to a DUI conviction in 2018.

“I’m sure all of you have read the paper this morning about me having warrants out for my arrest. I’ve seen Judge (Sheila) Kolar today, and both of my warrants have been squashed," Ulvestad said.

The paper reported that Ulvestad failed to make contact with his probation officer for two of his mandated check-ins and fallen behind in paying $1,660 in court costs.

Ulvestad passed out a copy of his court documents to the crowd of about 70, proving he paid the fines. He said he wasn't aware of any warrants out for his arrest.

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Court documents passed out by Ulvestad at candidate forum.

"I didn’t make a payment, I think, $800 or $900 and I was passed due a couple three payments and all of a sudden, The Billings Gazette interviews me yesterday. And I said I didn’t even know there was a warrant for my arrest at all. So I went down to Judge Kolar today and got everything straightened out."

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Page two of the court documents passed out by Uvestad.