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Billings Central High School students start 24-hour art challenge

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Posted at 6:31 PM, Dec 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-21 20:31:36-05

Art students at Billings Central Catholic High School started their day at 9 a.m. Monday and geared up for the fifth annual 24-hour art challenge.

Each year, students lock themselves in the school for a full 24 hours and create works of art that are worthy to be displayed in an art gallery. Clark Marten Photography Studio is a partner in the event and usually host the gala event where students display their artwork to guests, including friends and family.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things were different.

Kari Adams, art teacher for Billings Central, said this year students are wearing masks and are spread out all over the building to social distance.

"Because of COVID going on and a lot of things being taken away, we are having to find and fine-tune ways to keep the high school experience fun and unique," said Adams.

Adams said the gala event may not be happening at Clark Marten Studio due to the pandemic.

"If we can't do the actual arts show at the art walk over at Clark Marten Studios, then maybe I will be running an art show, gala here at the school out of the cafeteria," said Adams.

During the entire 24-hour event, students will have the opportunity to eat meals donated by parents from various restaurants in Billings, and they will also be able to take naps. But before students started painting and drawing, they used the morning to plan their art work.

Hailey Petermann, a senior at Billings Central, said she is painting her favorite singer.

"This year it is Harry Styles... he kind of started some controversy by wearing a dress in public as a man," Petermann said.

Hailey Petermann Billings Central senior

Petermann said she is creating her piece to show acceptance.

"I'm painting him to show that... it doesn't matter," said Petermann.

Grace Williams, senior at Billings Central, said she is painting a statue of Mother Mary.

"She is all mossed up and rustic because the picture was found in a forest. I just kind of saw it and I felt like I needed to paint it," said Williams.

Grace Williams Billings Central senior

All of the students said they are happy that this event was not canceled due to the pandemic.

"I'm so happy about it because so many things, especially it being my senior year, had been canceled. So, I was really excited that I got to do this, this year," said Olivia Burmeister, a Billing Central senior.

Olivia Burmeister Billings Central senior

Students will be at the school working on their art work until 9 a.m. Tuesday but according to students, they have a long and fun night ahead of them.