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Billings Central art students display work- made in 24 hours- at gala

Posted at 10:50 PM, Mar 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-07 00:50:11-05

BILLINGS — Each year, Billings Central High School students are locked in their school for 24 hours, with the task of creating a piece of art.

This week, those students got to have their own red carpet event to display their work.

The Clark Marten studio taken over by student's work on Thursday for their own Art Walk.

On display was work that Central students created during the Twenty-Four hour Art Challenge.

"We did it over Christmas break so that we would have 24 hours and then time to rest. Because this was very physically and emotionally tiring and stressful," Central student Gabby Jacobson said.

A take-away from the challenge of completing the art work was time management for many.

"I did two llama pieces. I did a black and white one and a colored one and i thought that it would be cool to have twinning pieces," student Olivia Burmeister said.

"I wanted to paint a mountainous scene and then I found a way to make it more of a Montana thing by doing the deer on the outside," Jacobson said.

"My hope is that once I retire from teaching that this continues to live on. I know that this is a big undertaking, but it is so worth it," art teacher Lisa Fine said.

Central alums were also on hand through the experience to film the work and to help create a video of the story.

"They filmed, and hung out with us. And getting to stay overnight with your friends is kind of a special experience because it's not something you normally get to do," Jacobson said.

There were many head-scratching moments, but perhaps an equal amount of light bulb moments.

"I want them to take home the idea that we believe in them. And that they are supported. And no matter what they have created over the last 24 hours while doing this event, it is absolutely worthy of being in a gallery," Fine said.