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Billings businessman ready to conserve water

Posted at 12:32 AM, Jun 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-16 08:35:02-04

The dwindling water supply could have a major effect on restaurants and hotels in the Magic City.

Some are already taking action to conserve.

The city of Billings has asked residents to conserve with the Yellowstone River above the safe level for intake at the wter treatment plant.

The Best Western Clocktower Inn owner Steve Warhlich says his workers will ask those staying at the hotel to take shorter showers not let the water run in the sink.

Laundry will be put off until the situation changes and linens and towels will not be changed for people staying more than one day.

Warhlich also owns Stella's Kitchen and Bakery and says the most affected part of that business is washing dishes.

He expects customers will understand the situation and help

"It's an act of God for all intents and purposes," Wahrlich said. "I think you'd be shocked at the number of people who come together. Look at what's happening in Red Lodge in the communities that are significantly flooded, how people come together and help out. Whether or not it's in the sandbagging delivering food or whatever. When there's a natural disaster, people seem they seem to put everything aside. We all come together to make it work. And I think that's the same thing with the traveling public at this particular time."

Warlich says hotels are equipped with water conservation plumbing, such as low flow toilets, showers and faucets.