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Billings breath therapist to appear on national streaming show

Rachel Dehler
Posted at 6:00 PM, May 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-03 15:02:56-04

Sonder Breath, a unique Billings business centered around breath therapy, just recently accepted an invitation to be featured on a national TV show.

The show is called "The Blox" and is described as a combination of Shark Tank and The Apprentice. Sonder Breath owner Rachel Dehler first had the idea of starting the business when she used breath therapy to help her cope with life-threatening addictions.

"I have been in treatment for an eating disorder three different times," Dehler said. "AA and all those things, I just never felt super aligned with them."

In 2022, on what she describes as a whim, Dehler took a trip to Sedona, Arizona, where she first experienced breath therapy.

"I didn't have probably enough money to go on the trip, but I had heard about it and wanted to try it," Dehler said. "What I found was that it confirmed everything I had internally thought about it. Breath work is the evolution needed in mental health and recovery from addiction."

Since then, Dehler has been sober and healthy, opening Sonder Breath and working to help others find the power of breath work. She said the business and breath therapy itself have helped her find her purpose.

"There's not a more profound feeling for me than bearing witness to another person's healing," Dehler said. "And I have these same experiences so that helps. You can't give someone directions to a place you've never been."

The primary objective of breath therapy is to help a person concentrate on their breathing by slowing it down or speeding it up to music. Dehler said the process can help people calm their nervous system, limiting anxiety and helping them cope with stressful situations.

One of Dehler's most familiar customers is Erinn Overby, who first tried the unique therapy in November when Sonder Breath first opened up.

"It worked the first time, and once you experience it you just want to keep going," Overby said. "Every time I leave, I feel more grounded and rooted."

Dehler's business doesn't have an actual building. She will practice at a couple different locations in town, including Onyx Wellness and Black Orchid. Sometimes she will even meet clients in their homes.

Breathing Therapy

But now, the world will get a first glance at Sonder Breath when it appears on "The Blox," which is available on the streaming app BetaBlox. Dehler's first reaction was pure apprehension.

"I just applied because I saw the link pop-up on Facebook and then I kind of forgot about it because there are like 50,000 people that sign up annually," Dehler said. "And then I heard that I was chosen and I was terrified. Like 'Oh my gosh, what did I get myself into?'"

Since the initial shock, Dehler has come to terms with it, and she understands that the national spotlight doesn't change her motivation behind the business, which was trying to help others that may be as lost as she once was.

"Statistically, I shouldn't be here. The most profound thing about breath work for me is my whole life was about therapists, or books, and having this outside jury for every piece of my recovery," Dehler said. "Breath work brought it back to me. It saved my life."