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Billings bar raises reward money for information on teenager's murder

Posted at 5:41 PM, Feb 02, 2022

BILLINGS — More than two weeks have passed since 15-year-old Khoen Parker was murdered at Castle Rock Park in the Heights. In response, family friend Rachel Dehler has been raising money at her casino for a reward to help catch the killer.

“I have a lot of hope,” Dehler said.

Dehler is close friends with Jen Parker, the mother of Khoen Parker. The slain teenager’s family is frustrated with the lack of credible information about his death.

“I mean, imagine losing the person that means more to you than anyone in this world. They’re not good, but they’re hopeful,” Dehler said.

Dehler decided to take matters into her own hands and start raising reward money for anyone who might have information on who shot Khoen on Jan. 16.

“To have that many kids together, that many witnesses, and to have nobody coming forward is frustrating,” Dehler said.

Dehler, the owner of High Tide Casino and Bar, has received $15,000 in donations from the community as well as from other business owners.

One man who wished to stay anonymous donated $5,000 himself.

“For Jenny to even be so grateful, and to bring her a small sliver of hope, and let her know that people are here for her. That’s been amazing. And to see the community come together.”

The reward has seemed to incentivize people. Three individuals have contacted Dehler with information they wanted to share.

“The people that have reached out to me, I’ve sent them the detective’s numbers. And I truly believe we will get justice and it will be sooner rather than later,” Dehler said.

As for why Dehler decided to fund-raise, she believes in families helping families.

“I think that’s what it’s about, we all have a sacred obligation to do something,” Dehler said.