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Rescue Treats program benefits local shelters, animal organizations

Posted at 10:41 PM, Jan 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-10 22:29:06-05

BILLINGS - Doggie Style Gourmet Treats is a self-proclaimed "Barkery" that specializes in everything dog. Their claim to fame is hand-made, celiac friendly treats. The small business is owned by two sisters whose idea grew from a love for baking and animals, to a career.

"We want to make sure our fur babies have you know the best they can. We want healthy treats. We don't want any artificial preservatives in them," co-owner Jen Brady said.

The ingredients have led many whose pets have allergies or sensitivites, to become loyal patrons.

"There are some different products and ingredients that you do not want your dog to have, for example. The peanut butter, you want xylotol free, you don't want to feed them any onions or mushrooms, pits from a peach. Peaches are good, apples are good, but no seeds," Brady said.

The store, located in Rimrock Mall, has created a program called "Rescue Treats", where any goods that aren't to the standard of sale, are donated to a different shelter or animal organization.

"Treats that might be left in the oven a little long, get a little burnt, or use parchment paper and that might stick, so of course it's little bits of paper, but we don't want to package those," co-owner Jo Paloni said.

January's recipient was Help for Homeless Pets. Rez Dog Rescue, Rimrock Humane Society, and Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter have also benefited.

"It's been amazing to see the community donating the monetary side of things. We do the treats, and if they do decide to make a donation we give them a 10% off coupon for the next visit," Paloni said.

"So we definitely enjoy sharing them with the pets that are just less fortunate i guess. It is so nice to see how happy they are to come pick up their big ol' bucket of treats, because it's really big actually. Not that we burn a lot," Brady said.

In the future, they say they'd love to facilitate some sort of adoption event.

To nominate someone for the rescue treats, contact 406-702-1253 or Click here to visit the website.