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As summer heats up, here's three ways to stay cool in Billings

It could mean the difference between life and death when it comes to heat stroke
Heat warnings issued in a hot summer
Posted at 5:34 PM, Jul 10, 2024

BILLINGS — Whether you've got a nasty sunburn or sweat on your forehead, there's many ways to tell it is hot, hot, hot, this summer in Billings.

Here are a few ways to stay cool this summer:

Summer Snow shaved ice
Summer Snow shaved ice

1. Freshen up with a cool treat
One of the area's favorite ways to cool off is by grabbing a milkshake or shaved iced at places like Softies or Summer Snow.

"When [we first opened], it was kind of rainy, and this week, it's been super hot. So, we've gotten a lot of people," said Avery Nelson, an employee at Summer Snow, which is across from Sofiies at the corner of Broadwater Avenue and 24th Street West..

She was serving shaved ice Wednesday afternoon to mom, healthcare worker, and longtime Billings resident, Staley Todd.

"It's starting to get hotter than usual. It usually doesn't seem this hot," said Todd.

Rose Park
Rose Park

2. Swim at Rose Park
Maybe frozen treats aren't your thing, but jumping in an ice cold pool is. You're in luck, as Rose Park provides shady trees to lay under, a swimming pool, and water slide, all to keep you cool.

"Typically, towards the end of July, like beginning of July, when it gets 100s, that's when we get really busy. It's really hot in the 100s right now," said Rose Park lifeguard, Camdin Conk.

Rimrock Mall
Rimrock Mall

3. Exercise indoors
One of the easiest solutions is to just move inside.

If you regularly jog or walk around your neighborhood, getting indoor exercise in places like the Rimrock Mall, could mean all the difference between you, and a heat stroke.