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Air Force chief from Wyoming honored to serve and sing "God Bless The USA"

Posted at 7:15 PM, Aug 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-30 21:38:27-04

A special Independence Day song brought the United States Air Force together with the band Home Free and Lee Greenwood.

They collaborated on a virtual version of Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." that he originally recorded in 1984.

"That was a big privilege," said Chief Master Sergeant Ryan Carson, chief of the Singing Sergeants. "It was really a unique opportunity for us to do something virtually to still honor the country."

Carson, who graduated from the University of Wyoming and grew up in South Dakota, said the song is special to him as a military man and as an American.

"Everybody feels pretty good about that song," Carson said. "For me personally, as military member, you know I've had a couple of deployments and I've seen other countries and I've seen how they have to live and I've seen how great our nation is."

The Chief and some of the others have some solo parts and he said they sing for their fellow airmen.

"You know it's not about us," Carson said. "We're not rock stars. We're airmen. I take that with a big sense of pride that when I'm on a video, I'm not just representing me. I'm not showcasing me. I'm showcasing the United States Air Force. It's kind of humbling opportunity."

Still, he enjoys seeing his team sing well.

"There's no greater joy you have as a leader in the military than seeing your people succeed," Carson said. "So being in charge of this amazing team makes my heart swell with pride. I'm just so thankful and honored that I got to be a part of this and watch this happen and see them create something that's really made a mark and an impact on the nation. When I hear that song, what an honor it is to serve this great nation that we're singing about."

According to the Singing Sergeants Facebook page, the version of the song has been considered for a Country Music Award Nomination in the category "Musical Event of the Year."

The Country Music Association will announce the nominees on Tuesday.

The song is available on the Singing Sergeants Facebook page.