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Second affordable housing complex planned for South Billings

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Posted at 11:58 PM, Jul 10, 2024

BILLINGS - The Mitchell Court apartments will soon be across a trail from the Jackson Court apartments in south Billings.

For the South Billings Urban Renewal Association (SBURA), it's a chance to get rid of some blight and also help people get into some nice homes.

Those living in Jackson Court enjoy the neighborhood.

“Very nice,” said Winter Doney., who lives in a three-bedroom home with her family. “For what I pay, it is definitely worth it.”

Doney says this complex has been a lot calmer for her family.

“I enjoy it,” Doney said. “It's really nice. It's quiet. They're brand new. It is very spacious. The rooms are big for what it looks like on the outside.”

And others also see the benefits of the subsidized housing development.

“And I said, well, how do you like it?” said Dick Zier, a consultant for SBURA. “And the lady said, you know, this has been a life-changing experience for me and my family, you know, to be able to have decent housing. I would say that's very typical. They all feel that way.

The SBURA recommended a contribution from tax increment financing of $500,000, which the city council approved on Monday.

Zier said the money will help with several items including curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and parking lot lights.

“This definitely fits into the removal of blight. The ground that this is gonna go on, it'll clean that up pretty well and you know, look real nice like this side does."

So far, more than $10 million has been committed to the Mitchell Court project which will add 32 units similar to the nearly 40 more in Jackson Court.

“We want to improve the quality of life in the South Side, in our SBURA district by providing more housing for them that is new or nicer,” Zier said. “It really enhances things.”

Zier says the Mitchell Court housing could be done in about two years to help more families like those in Jackson Court.

“And to see progress and, and positive progress, and making their quality of life better, is a real pleasure for me,” Zier said.

“It's very homey,” Doney said. “And what you pay for, you get a lot.”