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A new chapter: St. Vincent Healthcare’s new president settles into Billings

Posted at 11:51 AM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 14:00:06-05

BILLINGS – A week since her arrival to Billings, Jen Alderfer, the new president of St. Vincent Healthcare and the Montana Region of SCL Health, is excited about this new opportunity.

“This is an opportunity for me to lead and join a team that has a strong legacy and impressive commitment to our mission of caring for communities across the state of Montana and even parts of Wyoming,” Alderfer said.

She comes to Montana from Colorado, where she was the president of Good Samaritan Medical Center and the transformation officer for SCL Health.

“I think being part of the SCL Health family lends an element of familiarity. I really am so excited to meet other team members from the SCL Health family here in Billings at St. Vincent Healthcare, as well as in Butte, where we have St. James, and in Miles City where we have our Holy Rosary site.”

Aside from her daily tasks, Alderfer said she is looking forward to expanding partnerships.

“I am just so proud of what this team here is doing to care for the community and together, where we see an opportunity to expand that reach, I want to be a part of that,” she said.

Alderfer expressed gratitude for the work she’s witnessed during the pandemic.

“I’m just so grateful for the dedication and the selfless commitment to caring for the community. I recognize that many of our team members have experienced some of their own personal hardships and even loss, and yet the professionalism and the commitment to patient care that I have seen on a daily basis is just such an inspiration for me, and it’s a huge source of gratitude,” Alderfer said.

When asked what she enjoys the most about her job, Alderfer said it was showing her support for the caregivers.

“I feel like it’s such an honor to be a small part of caring for our community, and really, on any given day, that’s what we do, that’s the heart of our work, is living our mission, carrying out our core values, and first and foremost, making sure we are providing safe, personalized, patient-centered care,” she said.

Alderfer is married and will celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary this month with her husband troy.

They have three children, two are in college and their youngest is a senior in high school.

As a family, they love spending time outdoors and taking part in activities like hiking, boating, and fishing.

“We just like to explore all of the beautiful places we have heard about, and some that we have seen, and we’re looking forward to doing that together as a family,” Alderfer said.