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A familiar face embraces the new role of Billings Public Information Officer

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Posted at 4:01 PM, Mar 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-14 18:01:13-04

BILLINGS — From Q2 anchor to the City of Billings’ first public information officer, Victoria Hill is still serving the public but not as a journalist.

“A lot of the feedback that the city leaders and city council members and the mayor got was that the community really wants to know what’s going on behind the scene,” Hill said.

Hill’s job is to use social media, newsletters, and press releases to give the community a closer look at what goes on in each city department.

“I’m going to do education and public outreach and fill everyone in on the things they aren’t seeing day-to-day,” Hill said.


She says it’s a great way to show the community how their tax dollars are being put to work.

On Monday, Hill accompanied the fire department as they checked out the new terminal at Billings Logan International Airport.

“Just in case of an emergency situation, they never know what they’ll get into so when this thing is up and running they’ll have a smooth entry in,” Hill said.

She took photos of firefighters as they made their way through the building, capturing the moments that the public usually wouldn’t see.

Ten years in the media industry has certainly helped her transition.

“I’ve been able to take a lot of what I’ve learned over the years and apply it here. It’s a lot of storytelling. It’s a lot of people-to-people interaction and sharing their story,” Hill said.

It’s very similar to what she was doing before, but at a very different schedule.

“I’m still doing on some scale what I enjoy doing the most, it’s just not getting up at 2 in the morning,” Hill said.

She’s still in the process of transitioning to a regular nine to five schedule.

“My eyes are still opening at 1’o clock or 2’o clock in the morning and then I get to tell myself, okay you get to close your eyes for a few more hours so that’s been pretty nice,” Hill said.

Even though she’s no longer Q2’s morning anchor, she’ll never forget her viewers.

“Viewers reaching out to me, telling me that they’re happy for me but they miss me of course and that just means the world to me,” Hill said.

She’s still very much a part of the Billings community.

“I’m still part of their lives in somewhat but more behind the scenes,” Hill said.