A 2-fold investment: Billings sisters purchase gym during the pandemic

Posted at 7:23 AM, Mar 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-17 11:24:01-04

BILLINGS – The owners of Fit 406 Bootcamp at 2135 Grand Ave. jumped into 2021 with a new venture.

Sisters Emily Strecker and Maxy Jacobs were members of the gym when they were given the opportunity to purchase the business.

“When I found out that we were probably going to purchase the gym, the first person I called was my sister. So that is my business partner, and that’s who I went to right away. I was like, you want to do this with me because we’re all in,” Jacobs said.

Fit 406 Bootcamp co-owner Maxy Jacobs.

“I didn’t even hesitate, it was just like yea, this sounds great! Let's go for it,” Strecker said.

The gym offers 45-minute HIIT-style workouts that entail strength training and cardio in short increments.

The change in ownership happened at the end of an unpredictable year.

“It weighed on our mind like, gosh, do you think we’ll get shut back down, what will we do if that happens? We definitely had all of those concerns, but we were just excited and hoping that we were going to keep moving forward,” Strecker said.

That forward-moving progress is something they’re seeing in their members too, even during the pandemic while many Americans are reporting weight gain and a spike in mental health issues.

“You can see them building that strength, and then where they weren’t able to do a mountain climber they’re able to do a mountain climber now. They get that confidence and ability to do that,” Jacobs said.

“People that are healthier have a better chance of fighting not just COVID, but other illnesses, by living that healthy lifestyle,” Strecker said.

Fit 406 Bootcamp co-owner Emily Strecker.

Members say they feel empowered, armored with good health inside and out.

“I just started in November. I had been working out. I quit for a couple of years but then I came back to it, and then found that I missed it a lot,” said Kory Funk, a member of Fit 406 Bootcamp.

Funk is a registered nurse and works with mothers, newborns, labor and delivery, and pediatrics.

The pandemic brought on a whole new experience.

“I have always been a strong person, but things were just… I was in a different place. Probably more depressed, more anxious, and working out does so much for those things. You hit those endorphins and it makes you in a totally different place. And to keep coming back every day, it just makes it better,” Funk said.

Working out six to seven days a week might sound like a lot, but it turns out that’s Funk’s ticket to balance.

“I think it’s super important just for your mental health, your physical health, your psychological health, it hits all of those things and it affects you in such an amazing way, that until you try it, you don’t know, but once you try it, you’re stuck. And it’s a good stuck,” she said.


To learn more about Fit 406 Bootcamp, visit their website by clicking here.