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97-year-old Billings billiards player not letting age slow him down

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Posted at 6:04 PM, Jul 20, 2022

BILLINGS — Tom Brady is an enigma in the sports world playing professional football at the age of 44. Billings has an enigma of its own in Bill Luscombe, who is still competing in billiards tournaments at the age of 97.

Luscombe spends most of his time playing pool. The billiards community has become like a second family to him.

"That’s just about all my life is pool,” said Luscombe while shooting at the 1145 Club on Broadwater Avenue in Billings.

He's still performing at a high level and took home third place with his partner at the July 16 Big Sky State Games in Billings.

"Everybody was very competitive. Bill played well to win that medal and so did his partner. If they didn’t play well, they wouldn’t of won it," said Doug Asleson, a Big Sky State Games association member.

Asleson runs the event and is as impressed at the level where Luscombe plays as anyone.

"It just astounds me the shots he makes. When you’re 97, usually your vision isn’t real good. And to make the shots he makes you have to have good vision. You have to be able to see the ball, you have to know where to hit exactly and he does," Asleson said.

Luscombe continues to play multiple times a week and shows no signs of slowing down.

"This is a family to me and something to do. Keeps me busy," said Luscombe.