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58th Annual Homesteaders Days brings thousands to Huntley community

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Posted at 5:30 PM, Jul 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-09 19:30:04-04

HUNTLEY PROJECT — A summertime favorite is back as the Homesteaders Days celebration is in full swing in Huntley Project.

The event started with humble beginnings but quickly grew into the huge event that it is today.

"It started back in 1964 and it really just started as a group of farmers getting together and honestly getting around a keg of beer and talking about how the growing season was going and things that happened in the agricultural world," said Steve Rockhold, President of the Huntley Project Lions Club.

Today the event is an integral part of the towns year and is run entirely by volunteers. The two day celebration sees thousands attend and raises substantial funds that are donated right back into the community.

"All the volunteers that we have are 100% unpaid so every dollar that’s spent here this weekend goes right back into the community to help things out. Things like food banks, baseball teams, we do a scholarship program too, so we raise a good amount of money this weekend and it all goes right back into the community," added Rockhold.

It's two days of food, music, games, vendors and a parade. All with the mission of bringing the community together and raising money for non-profits and the Huntley Project community. What the event gives back to the community is the focus but how it brings it together is the true reason it's been a reoccurring staple in Huntley for so many years.

"Getting the community together and seeing people laugh and have a great time... that's my favorite part of this weekend every year," said Rockhold.