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Engineers: Construction on 27th Street in Billings to start late

Posted at 9:41 PM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 07:14:45-04

BILLINGS – The Montana Department of Transportation is getting a late start on resurfacing North 27th Street in Billings because street-light manufacturer hasn’t delivered them yet.

Becky Bey, public information officer for the 27th Street Improvement Project, gave a project update to the Billings City Council Monday.

“To no fault of MDT’s, they have been delayed because there is exactly one manufacturer in the entire country who makes the light poles and the signal signs that we need for that,” Bey said. “MDT did bank on those taking six to eight months to get here. But it’s going to be closer to 12.”

Work on the project was supposed to start in June or July, but without the traffic signals, work will have to be delayed until September.

The new signals and light poles will be colored black, replacing the silver signals that currently line the street. This will bring 27th Street more in line with other traffic signals found throughout downtown Billings.

Other projects within the 27th Street Improvement Project include resurfacing the roadway from the Billings Logan International Airport to the South 27th Street I-90 on ramp and improvements to curb ramps to make them more accessible for people with disabilities.

Another aspect of the project will be the addition of a protected turn arrow for drivers turning left from North 27th Street onto Montana Avenue.

Location of new protected turn arrow at N. 27th St. and Montana Ave.

The hope is that the protected turn arrow will help traffic flow better when a train is crossing at North 27th.

Bey said the project is expected to take about six months and will finish into the 2020 construction season.