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New trail on the Rimrocks celebrated at Zimmerman Park

Posted at 10:57 AM, Jul 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-14 12:59:08-04

BILLINGS – Bicyclists, runners and those who enjoy trails celebrated the first section of the Skyline Trail, which opened on Saturday.

Billings Trailnet hosted the Trailblazing Celebration at Zimmerman Park on Saturday.

Photo – Marcus Boyer


The new trail runs from the Zimmerman Park entrance to the Zimmerman Trail Road.

It’s part of the Skyline Trail that will go all the way to Swords Park, on the east side of the Billings’ Rimrocks.

The Skyline Trail is part of the 26.2 mile Marathon Trail around Billings.

Those at the celebration say trails like these are important to the community.

“It connects our community so beautifully because when you’re on a trail you meet anybody and everybody,” said Kristi Drake, Trailnet executive director. “They’re just a great community asset. There are people in this community who really care about the trails and that is so satisfying knowing that this entire community is right behind what we do at Billings Trailnet is just huge.”

Billings-based band Arterial Drive played at the celebration and introduced a song for the trails called “Along the Trail.”

Photo – Marcus Boyer