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Yellowstone Sports Car Club host Autocross at Metra parking lot

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jun 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:48:39-04

BILLINGS – The Yellowstone chapter of the Sports Car Club of America raced at MetraPark on Saturday.

The club is hosting its first autocross of the season this weekend.

“This is what we call autocross or solo,” said Bill Blaquiere, regional executive for the Yellowstone Sports Car Club of America. “There is typically only one car on the course at a time. We run against the clock so it’s always a challenge to see if you can better your time from your previous run. If you have other cars in your class, it’s kind of fun to see how you’re comparing with those guys as well.”

Some are race cars and some are what Blaquiere calls daily drivers.

While there are classifications, it’s all about fun and not about awarding championships.

“You have to know how to read the cones,” Blaquiere said about the skill and strategy. “There’s a certain way the cones are set up so you know how to go through the course. The biggest and most important thing would be looking ahead. You can’t focus on the obstacle that you’re about to enter. You have to be looking for an obstacle or two ahead.”

It makes for safer driving on the street.

“It does help to teach you skills that you can apply every day,” he said.

And the racing is exciting.

“Adrenaline,” Blaquiere said. “Plain and simple. You’d be done with a run here, I don’t care how much experience you’ve got, you’re going to be shaking.”

The Autocross also runs on Sunday in the upper parking lot at MetraPark.

Blaquiere said anyone can, including beginners can drive the course.

The one-day entry fee is $50.