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Montana agencies network with goverment contracts at GovMatch event

Posted at 11:45 AM, May 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:49:03-04

BILLINGS – More than 30 local, state, and federal government agencies gathered at the Northern Hotel for the GovMatch 2019 on Wednesday.

GovMatch is intended to help businesses explore and be educated about opportunities for government contracts.

Montana PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center) helps companies pursue government contracting goals.

Business and government agencies such as NASA, Boeing, The BIA, and several Department of Interior agencies were in attendance. These organizations do a lot of subcontracting, as well as requiring goods and services.

Currently, federal contracts of up to $700 million are going annually to Montana companies.

“It matters because it helps our economy, you know if our companies in Montana, we can homegrown our own businesses, this is another customer segment for our companies, and don’t think it doesn’t mean your company, because it probably does, that’s where we come in, that’s what we can kind of help you figure out, where you fit in the spectrum of government contracting,” said Deanna Langman, the PTAC program director. 

GovMatch aims at increasing that amount even further, teaching local and state agencies to benefit from this marketplace and fostering buying and selling relationships for the future.

For a full list of statewide PTAC Centers and participating business, visit

For more information, contact Rosalind Dix at 406-869-8413 or Deanna Langman at 406-869-8410.