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Orphaned mountain lion cubs to be relocated to California

Posted at 6:17 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:50:03-04

RED LODGE- Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary recently took in three mountain lion cubs whose mother was struck by a vehicle in Wyoming.

Typically, these cubs would be euthanized. Currently, legislation prevents the transport of wildlife out of state. However, the Red Lodge sanctuary was able to take them in.

“With these mountain lion cubs that came in here, this is one of the few cases we do, where we’ve taken in animals that we can’t keep because we know of another sanctuary, Shambala in Southern California, that can keep these cats and take care of them,” said Gary Robson, Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary Executive Director.

Shambala, a Sanskrit word, means “A meeting place of peace and harmony, for all beings, animal and human,”.

The preserve is home to more than 40 big cats, and will be a place where the animals can live out the rest of their days. “We have a dual mission; our mission is to provide life-long sanctuary for native greater-Yellowstone ecosystem animals that can’t be released into the wild, but also, education, so the animals that come here that would otherwise not be able to survive, can also help us to teach people about animals to teach people why animals do need to stay wild, why they don’t make good pets, and about the amazing animals we share this ecosystem,” Robson said.

The Sanctuary is a nonprofit, so all of funds are acquired through donations and grants.

Moving the cubs to California will require transport crates, vehicles, fuel and vet costs.

Visit for information on animal adoption, donations, and memberships.

Click here to see some raw footage of the mountain lions.