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Montana State University-Billings highlighting mental-health resources available for students

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:50:21-04

BILLINGS – The University of Montana has made a number of resources available to all students and staff who may need counseling after the apparent suicide of 22-year-old Andrew Harris, who played football for the Griz.

Resources are also available in Billings.

This week, MSUB has been focused on addressing suicide prevention and support for people who need help.

There is help for students dealing with mental health issues, according to Darla Tyler-McSherry, director of MSUB’s Student Health Services.

Surveying students on what impedes them from doing well academically provides insight into mental health.

“Every year the top five is stress, anxiety, depression, work. so in other words trying to balance work and school and home life. and then sleep,” said Tyler-McSherry. “We know from our data that most of our students aren’t getting enough sleep. That can set you up for mental health issues, including depression.”

Mental health counseling is available to students at MSUB Student Health Services.

Information is available on the MSUB website.

If other students have concerns about other students, there is help at “See Something, Say Something.”

The website also has pages for student health and suicide prevention.

Tyler-McSherry said for those not attending MSUB, a good place for information is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.