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Red Lodge hosts Christmas Stroll

Posted at 9:08 AM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:50:54-04

RED LODGE – Red Lodge is hosting its annual Christmas Stroll.

“We close down the street, there’s fireplaces burning up and down Broadway, Santa Claus is pulled in on a horse-drawn wagon, and it really is that postcard feel, it’s just amazing, you need to come experience it,” Red Lodge Chamber Director Sherry Weamer said.

The stroll, to be held this year on Friday evening, was originally intended as a way to say thank you to the locals, and now in its 28th year. The stroll draws in people from around the country.

“The ski area is up and running, so we get those folks wanting to come and have a fun day on the hill, and then they can come down to town and have a wonderful evening,” Weamer said.

Businesses compete in window decorating fun to help get the town in the Christmas spirit.

“From young to old, this is one of those events where everyone has a great time, just being outside, enjoying being in Red Lodge, just the feel of Red Lodge and the mountains is special, it’s a laid back and yet fun experience,” Weamer said.

Highlights of the stroll include a blade parade, with festive snowplows, and a lantern walk, where the local kids put on a parade of their own.

“I think that everyone should just come and experience that magical feeling, it’s like you’re living in a postcard, it’s just truly beautiful,” Weamer said.