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Keeping it clean: Junior League of Billings holds Laundry Day

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:51:01-04

BILLINGS- It’s a chore most don’t look forward to, but some people in Billings are just happy to have the chance to do their laundry.  Thanks to the Junior League of Billings, they are getting some much-needed help with that task.

Each month, the organization uses money it raises to hold a Laundry Day—and pays the tab for anyone who needs to do their laundry.

“It’s something you don’t really think about, but it really is a need out there,” says Junior League member Emily Hoskins. “We bring in the quarters, we bring in detergent and dryer sheets, and whoever needs help we are here to serve. “

The idea came up after research showing that lack of finances often keeps people from being able to keep their clothes and other belongings clean.

“It was determined that clean clothes is a low priority for a lot of people, especially when it came time to pay other bills or put food on their tables. So the idea of being able to offer free laundry is something that helps people exponentially and allows them to reserve those funds for other needs and priorities in their life,” said League member Jessica Taylor.

Donna Anderson, a single parent raising three children, was grateful for the opportunity.  She says the cost of doing laundry for her family can really pile up.

“It gets really expensive with three teenage children and I have one teenage daughter she changes her clothes like four or five times a day.  So it takes a lot out of you.  And I’m a single parent so,” Anderson said.

This month’s Laundry Day was held at BYO Laundry on Broadwater Avenue, which also contributed to the effort.

“Some of these people are saving $40 or $50 today on their wash especially when you have a large family with lots and lots of clothes,” said owner Brianne Kline.

The Junior League of Billings holds the event at a different Laundromat each month at a different.  They will be posting the next one on their Facebook page.  You can also contact them on Facebook if you would like to get involved in helping fund the Laundry day or joining the Junior League.