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Women's-only self defense class offered in Helena

"It has raised my confidence in going out alone"
Posted at 6:36 PM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-07 20:36:35-05

In Helena, one woman is taking her knowledge of Krav Maga, and offering a women's-only self defense class.

In just a few short months, C.B. Smith has worked with multiple women who have suffered from traumatic experiences.

Her goal is to help them overcome PTSD, and learn how to defend themselves, so they never have to experience an attack.

Vikki Bohlman, is a student of C.B.’s. She owns Dinnners Done Right in Helena, and she says, "I have been attacked before, and that was one of the main reason I wanted to have something, because I didn't want that to happen to my girls, because I was alone at that time and it wasn't pleasant.”

On a Monday night, in a Helena strip mall, there's a small space, where grunts, punches, and kicks can be heard loud and clear.

"I believe it is really effective, we work on multiple attackers, we work on gun defenses, knife defenses, some ground work, mostly stand-up, a lot of the moves that are illegal in combat sports," Smith said.

She has been teaching Krav Maga for many years, and believes everyone should know how to defend themselves, especially women.

"A lot of women are intimidated by coming to a regular Krav Maga class with men, especially women who have had violent experiences, I want to ease them into self-defense,” she said.

Some of Smith's students want to be proactive and learn how to protect themselves if they were ever attacked.

Erin Bohlman is just 16 years old. She has been attending Smith's class for six months, and says, "It has raised my confidence in going out alone. I feel like I can take care of myself, and I am not so worried about random people following me now. I feel like I can defend myself a lot better."

Other students in the class have been attacked, and want to take measures to ensure that never happens again.

Vikki Bohlman says, "I feel like I could start to defend myself. I probably could get someplace, but it's the confidence knowing I have done something about it, not I wish I would have."

Smith says one of the first things she teaches is a palm-heel-strike.

Next she says, “of course a front kick to the groin, which a lot of people think that's all that Krav Maga is, because we do it so often, but that's why it is illegal in all the combat sports, because it is so effective."

Smith caters her classes to each individual student's needs, young and seasoned.

Vikki Bolhman says, "You just feel better, it's a great exercise but you don't feel like you're exercising, you are learning some great skills, and some lifelong skills that you're always going to be able to use.”

If you are interested in attending one of C.B.’s self-defense classes, the first one is free!

She welcomes any teen or adult women, no experience needed.

For more on how to contact C.B. and sign up for a class, visit