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Stolen Billings firefighter gear recovered

Billings Fire Departments seeking help finding stolen gear
Posted at 2:39 PM, Aug 29, 2022

Gear stolen froma Billings firefighter over the weekend has been recovered, according to the city of Billings.

City spokesperson Victoria Hill said the bag and its contents were recovered in a random backyard near where it was stolen in the Gorham Park neighborhood.

The owners of the yard were out of town, and a neighbor who was watching the place noticed the large red duffle bag there, according to Hill.

Nothing was taken, but Hill said it appears the thief rummaged through the bag.

No one was arrested, and the city had said the bag could be dropped off with no questions asked.

The bag contained about $6,000 worth of gear custom made for the individual firefighter, which held little value for the public.

Fire officials say the thief likely didn't realize what was in the bag when he or she took it.

Watch the original video on the theft:

Billings Fire Departments seeking help finding stolen gear