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Patrol cars ‘rammed’ while trying to recover stolen vehicle in Billings fast food parking lot

Posted at 1:35 PM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:50:22-04

BILLINGS- Yellowstone County deputies are investigating after getting into a small crash while trying to recover a stolen vehicle in the middle of a fast-food drive-thru. 

The sheriff’s office shared the post to its Facebook page.

In the post, one deputy located a stolen vehicle driving in front of him early Wednesday morning. The deputy then tried to attempt to stop the car with a traffic stop.

However, the driver decided to go through the Arby’s drive-through where she was met by two awaiting patrol cars.  The post did not specify which Arby’s in Billings.

Instead of giving up the driver decided to ram into both vehicles before coming to a stop.

According to the post, everyone is unharmed but there was a few scratched to the police cruisers.

“A few scratches on the ol Ford and a new alignment is in order,” said the post.