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Great Falls couple charged after gun discharges into neighbor’s apartment

Posted at 7:03 AM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 09:03:39-04
Scott Allyn Jackson and Caitlyn Faith Hansen
Scott Allyn Jackson and Caitlyn Faith Hansen
(Cascade County jail booking photos)

GREAT FALLS – Scott Allyn Jackson and Caitlyn Faith Hansen have both been charged after Jackson allegedly discharged a gun through the floor of their residence on Sunday morning.

Court documents state a man in a downstairs apartment on the 400 block of 8th Avenue South told police he heard a gunshot and a bullet came through his ceiling into his apartment. The bullet hit the floor two feet away from where the man sleeps.

Officers contacted Jackson and Hansen, and Jackson said he had been cleaning his pistol when it “went off” accidentally.

Jackon said the bullet entered the floor about three inches away from Hansen, who was sleeping at the time.

Police found two loaded firearms in the couple’s residence, and court documents state the firearms were “readily accessible” to the couple’s 20-month old daughter, noting she is “very active running around the house.”

The charging documents also state there was an AR-15 with a fully-loaded magazine with the safety off and in the “fire” position laying on the floor in the closet next to the bed.

There was also a Glock 10mm pistol with a loaded magazine on the bed underneath a blanket.

Jackson and Hansen said they knew the firearms were stored in an unsafe manner.

Jackson also claimed ownership of “multiple bongs and glass pipes” in the residence.

Hansen is charged with one felony count of criminal endangerment.

Jackson is charged with one felony count of criminal endangerment and two misdemeanor counts of negligent endangerment and one misdemeanor count of criminal possession of dangerous drugs.