WEB EXTRA: Delivery dog and other unique delivery options

Posted at 2:08 PM, Apr 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-25 16:08:27-04

With businesses closed and Americans stuck at home, restaurants and stores have found creative ways to adapt to life in a pandemic while still maintaining social distance.

In Hagerstown, Maryland, Soda Pup has been making special deliveries. With the tasting room closed at Stone House Urban Winery, the owner's brindle boxer is bringing customers their pre-paid wine curbside, two bottles at a time in his backpack -- with treats as a tip. Lori Yata from Stone House Urban Winery says, "As long as there are no squirrels or robins, then he makes it up the walk with no problem."

Shops and restaurants around the world have adopted new ways of doing business in a socially-distant world.

In Austin, Texas, an arcade had to close its doors but is renting out its pinball and video game machines to families.

Uniboil, a Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park, California, is now offering hot pot delivery kits to customers, including the stove, pot, and fuel.

Rulli's Pizza in Indiana is offering all the ingredients for families to cook at home. "Trying to entertain the kids during this time, this would be a good idea to make little pizza packs for the kids to make their own pizza," says Sam Rulli.

Overseas, folks can raise a glass, courtesy of a 'Pub in a Box' from Signature Brew in London. It's complete with beer, bar snacks, pub glasses and beer mats, topped off with a pub quiz and music playlist. The kits are delivered by musicians otherwise out of work. Tom Bott from Signature Brew says, "People still want to drink beer, they still want that pub environment. British people tend to head to the pub in good times and bad.”