Store security guard stabbed 27 times after asking sisters to wear masks

Posted at 12:10 PM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 14:18:22-04

A store security guard in Chicago was allegedly stabbed 27 times after asking two women to wear masks while shopping. Now the two women, who are sisters, are being held without bond, the Associated Press reports.

The sisters, identified as Jessica and Jayla Hill, are accused of attacking the security guard at Snipes on Sunday, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

According to police spokeswoman Karie James, the guard asked the women to wear masks and use hand sanitizer, and one of the women punched him, the AP reports. Then, Jessica Hill allegedly pulled a knife out of her pocket.

Jessica allegedly stabbed the guard in the back, chest and arms, while her sister held him by his hair. The victim, who is 32, was hospitalized in critical condition, according to James.

Jessica, 21, and Jayla, 18 were arrested at the scene. Both sisters were treated for minor lacerations at a nearby hospital, according to James, the AP reported.

The sisters' court-appointed attorney said during a bond hearing on Tuesday that the stabbing was self-defense. The lawyer also said both women suffered from a bipolar disorder, according to the AP.

The sisters now are being held without bail on attempted murder charges, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.