Montana launches COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard

Posted at 10:40 AM, Jan 25, 2021

Montana residents can now keep track of the state's COVID-19 vaccine progress.

Gov. Greg Gianforte announced Monday the launch of the COVID-19 Dashboard, an online resource to track the total vaccine doses administered, Montanans fully immunized, and doses administered per 1,000 eligible people across Montana counties.

“With over 77,000 safe and effective vaccine doses administered in Montana, we continue to make strides to protect the most vulnerable. We can make even greater progress if the federal government increases our supply,” Gianforte said in a press release. “I encourage Montanans to use this dashboard to stay up to date on our progress to save lives and make the vaccine available to everyone who wants one.”

To date, 77,739 vaccine doses have been administered in Montana, with 14,704 Montanans fully immunized. Dashboard data will be updated to reflect the ongoing progress of vaccine administration in the state.

“DPHHS is committed to providing as much information as possible regarding COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Montana,” said DPHHS acting Director Erica Johnston. “There’s much work ahead, but the new map shows the progress that has been made administering the vaccine to residents in local communities statewide.”

Click here to view the dashboard.

The vaccine information is presented as a new tab on the existing Montana COVID website, which is updated daily with information on the number of new COVID cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and recoveries.

Last week, DPHHS launched a new COVID-19 vaccine website landing page, including a map with local public health department information and resources. The map links to online and social media sites where jurisdictions share information on vaccine availability and scheduling. The map also includes the best local phone number to call, but Montanans are urged to utilize the online information first.

Click here for more Montana Vaccine Information

Here is the data on vaccinations for each of Montana's 56 counties as of Monday morning:

Beaverhead County Vaccines: 626 Doses Given | 83 Fully Immunized

Big Horn County Vaccines: 1,503 Doses Given | 259 Fully Immunized

Blaine County Vaccines: 1,147 Doses Given | 365 Fully Immunized

Broadwater County Vaccines: 186 Doses Given | 28 Fully Immunized

Carbon County Vaccines: 742 Doses Given | 133 Fully Immunized

Carter County Vaccines: 110 Doses Given | 11 Fully Immunized

Cascade County Vaccines: 5,891 Doses Given | 1,099 Fully Immunized

Chouteau County Vaccines: 422 Doses Given | 12 Fully Immunized

Custer County Vaccines: 820 Doses Given | 107 Fully Immunized

Daniels County Vaccines: 169 Doses Given | 6 Fully Immunized

Dawson County Vaccines: 808 Doses Given | 111 Fully Immunized

Deer Lodge County Vaccines: 897 Doses Given | 138 Fully Immunized

Fallon County Vaccines: 276 Doses Given | 58 Fully Immunized

Fergus County Vaccines: 822 Doses Given | 117 Fully Immunized

Flathead County Vaccines: 5,314 Doses Given | 1,272 Fully Immunized

Gallatin County Vaccines: 6,230 Doses Given | 1,546 Fully Immunized

Garfield County Vaccines: 77 Doses Given | 0 Fully Immunized

Glacier County Vaccines: 1,587 Doses Given | 94 Fully Immunized

Golden Valley County Vaccines: 75 Doses Given | 1 Fully Immunized

Granite County Vaccines: 242 Doses Given | 15 Fully Immunized

Hill County Vaccines: 1,651 Doses Given | 202 Fully Immunized

Jefferson County Vaccines: 858 Doses Given | 169 Fully Immunized

Judith Basin County Vaccines: 52 Doses Given | 4 Fully Immunized

Lake County Vaccines: 2,320 Doses Given | 251 Fully Immunized

Lewis & Clark County Vaccines: 5,523 Doses Given | 874 Fully Immunized

Liberty County Vaccines: 172 Doses Given | 53 Fully Immunized

Lincoln County Vaccines: 641 Doses Given | 59 Fully Immunized

Madison County Vaccines: 395 Doses Given | 31 Fully Immunized

McCone County Vaccines: 97 Doses Given | 1 Fully Immunized

Meagher County Vaccines: 249 Doses Given | 54 Fully Immunized

Mineral County Vaccines: 223 Doses Given | 23 Fully Immunized

Missoula County Vaccines: 10,138 Doses Given | 2,493 Fully Immunized

Musselshell County Vaccines: 149 Doses Given | 11 Fully Immunized

Park County Vaccines: 1,278 Doses Given | 222 Fully Immunized

Petroleum County Vaccines: 14 Doses Given | 1 Fully Immunized

Phillips County Vaccines: 289 Doses Given | 57 Fully Immunized

Pondera County Vaccines: 489 Doses Given | 33 Fully Immunized

Powder River County Vaccines: 73 Doses Given | 2 Fully Immunized

Powell County Vaccines: 328 Doses Given | 39 Fully Immunized

Prairie County Vaccines: 114 Doses Given | 0 Fully Immunized

Ravalli County Vaccines: 1,907 Doses Given | 294 Fully Immunized

Richland County Vaccines: 769 Doses Given | 164 Fully Immunized

Roosevelt County Vaccines: 605 Doses Given | 5 Fully Immunized

Rosebud County Vaccines: 954 Doses Given | 62 Fully Immunized

Sanders County Vaccines: 342 Doses Given | 23 Fully Immunized

Sheridan County Vaccines: 337 Doses Given | 1 Fully Immunized

Silver Bow County Vaccines: 3,688 Doses Given | 692 Fully Immunized

Stillwater County Vaccines: 414 Doses Given | 66 Fully Immunized

Sweet Grass County Vaccines: 194 Doses Given | 3 Fully Immunized

Teton County Vaccines: 484 Doses Given | 30 Fully Immunized

Toole County Vaccines: 332 Doses Given | 68 Fully Immunized

Treasure County Vaccines: 131 Doses Given | 4 Fully Immunized

Valley County Vaccines: 354 Doses Given | 26 Fully Immunized

Wheatland County Vaccines: 169 Doses Given | 10 Fully Immunized

Wibaux County Vaccines: 144 Doses Given | 8 Fully Immunized

Yellowstone County Vaccines: 13,918 Doses Given | 3,214 Fully Immunized