Have you heard the howl? Billings residents whoop and holler for health care workers

Howls heard from the Heights, and South Side to the West End
Posted at 10:55 PM, Apr 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 16:08:41-04

BILLINGS — Across the Billings area Tuesday at 8 p.m. sharp, residents stood on their porches and patios to howl at the setting sun as a show of solidarity to local health care workers on the front lines of COVID-19.

People prepare to howl from atop the Billings rimrocks Tuesday night shortly before 8 p.m.

A Facebook group called HOWL for BILLINGS has popped up as a place for people to share videos of nightly howls from across the area.

The goal of the nightly howl is to show "those on the front lines as well as remind others in our community that they are, and we are, not alone," the HOWL group's description states.

Over the past few days, nightly howls have been taking place across Montana. Howls have been heard in Great Falls, Helena, Missoula.

People have even been baying at the moon across country in places like Colorado and California.

Montana's signature big sky provided folks with a beautiful evening sunset to view as they howled out their appreciation.

Find a few of Q2's favorites sent in Tuesday evening below.

Finley from Billings howls for health care workers
Porter and his pup Keyser howl in Billings for health care workers
Tamara from Billings howls for health care workers
Michael from Billings howls for health care workers