Girl Scouts summer camps making adjustments to deal with COVID-19 guidelines

Posted at 12:35 PM, May 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 14:35:48-04

Many summer camps are still happening, but they have to change a few things in light of COVID-19 restrictions and health guidelines.

One of those camps is Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming. Last year they had 45 active camps, but this year they will only have nine.

They said they would be practicing social distancing rules, and following CDC guidelines and changes will be made after evaluation of the summer progress.

"Of course, we were disappointed and even more disappointed when you see the girls who wait for this all year, and for some, they have sold cookies in hopes of going to camp, and it did impact us," said Kristi Osterlund, the organization's marketing manager.

She also explains that you shouldn't be in a rush to get your girls signed up for Camp.

"Camp registration opened on Monday. And we've had some folks sign up but noticed that the urgency to get their spot sign up has not been quite as urgent this year. We expect with everyone's plans kind of changing week by week that some folks might be waiting later in the summer to determine if they will be around or what sort of new freedoms they'll have as we continue to hopefully, lift our guidelines." says Osterlund

Osterlund also explains that they do have different opportunities virtually.

"Girl Scouts might not look like typical Girl Scouts. We're not meeting in person at troop meetings. We're not going to physical places for an experience, but we're doing it virtually. Every Girl at this point is welcome to hop on a Facebook page Our website is offering whether it be fun and fast activities, different activities to meet with the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago or to speak with someone from SeaWorld in California. We're allowing various opportunities, even though it's from a distance we are keeping girls engaged, and that's probably the most important thing because we don't want to lose touch with our girls," says Osterlund

They also explained if you're not involved with Girls Scouts you can still apply for the camps - click here for more information.