Congressman's son steals the show during speech on the House floor

Posted at 10:42 AM, Jun 04, 2024

Not many people get to be on the House floor during a congressional meeting, so when one little boy got the opportunity, he made sure it was memorable. As his dad, Tennessee Republican Rep. John Rose, was giving a speech on Monday, 6-year-old Guy Rose sat behind him, stared directly into the camera and made silly faces.

C-SPAN, which broadcasts from Congress, captured the boy's funny gestures and facial expressions during his dad's speech about former President Donald Trump's guilty verdict – and the kid went viral.

Rose went on with his speech without noticing what his son was doing behind him and he later had an explanation for his son's silliness. "This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother," Rose wrote on social media.

Many people on social media applauded Guy for having fun, saying he stole the show. "So sorry I was slow responding to your email, I was tied up watching this over and over again," Virginia Democrat Rep. Don Beyer's communication's director Aaron Fritschner wrote on social media, sharing the clip of Guy.

When they left the House chambers and entered the GOP conference meeting, applause erupted for the little comedian.

Guy, who just graduated kindergarten, is spending the week in Washington, D.C. with his dad. He returned to work with the congressman on Tuesday and spoke to reporters. "Hey Guy, you ever get tired of being on TV?" a reporter asked.

"No," Guy responded, turning on his comedic charm.

The father-son duo did a few TV interviews on Monday — where Guy continued, of course, to make silly faces.