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Vitality Medical and Wellness Center offers Vampire Treatments

Posted at 10:45 PM, Mar 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-02 12:12:26-05


When you hear the word vampire you probably don't think of a spa day.

But for Vitality Wellness Spa, which will open officially in June, it's all part of the program.

The Vampire Series is a group of procedures ----- aimed at rebuilding collagen in areas where it is lacking.

"We are the only provider that can offer the vampire facial and vampire facelift, in fact any vampire service," Spa Director Lisa Fine said.

The Vampire Treatments range all the way from a facial, to re-growing hair.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma in the medical field is not new.

It been used for over 50 years to treat those with knee and shoulder injuries, as well as aging.

In recent decades, a cosmetic benefit was discovered to it.

“People could get the same results as peels, as laser re-surfacing, and chemical peels," Fine said.

These involve using one’s one blood to prompt healing responses in a particular area, regenerating collagen where it is lacking.

The growth factors in the tissue, blood and skin help to rebuild.

"Melissa and I were trained with Dr. Charles Reynolds, who was the inventor of this PRP procedure. Over the past few years he has perfected those services," Fine said.

Vitality recommends a consultation to determine specific needs, as well as doing your research.

"He contacted Melissa and after finding out there were no providers in the area, he invited them to travel to Alabama and train under him," Fine said.

Their website, and Facebook both answer questions about the procedures and necessary qualifications in the State of Montana.

Their new location opens in June, but in the meantime, you can check them out at Fuller Family Medicine, located at 4045 Avenue B.