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MasterLube hosts area students for Grad Day fund raiser

Posted at 7:03 PM, May 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:49:12-04

BILLINGS – If you were out and about in Billings and Laurel today, you may have seen some high school students trying to wave you in for a scrub down.

Saturday, the MasterLube Grad day car wash fundraiser, brought area high school students to the streets of Billings and Laurel.

All the money raised from the car washes and oil changes made at MasterLube locations Saturday, will benefit the high school’s alcohol-free graduation party.

Students say its nice to have one last bash before the class of 2019 goes their separate ways.

“In this class, we’re all super close not only just because we’re a smaller school, but because a lot of us have been going to school together for a long time,” said Melissa Hanser a Central High Senior. “Some since preschool, some through middle school or high school. It will be cool to hang out one last time, no alcohol allowed. Just spend the night together.” 

Since 1991, MasterLube has been allowing the high schools in Billings and Laurel to paint a wall of the shop with their school mascot.

The War of the Walls puts the high schools against each other for some friendly competition. The community votes on which wall is their favorite. The War of the Walls has been fought since 2008.

Friday, Central High was announced as the winner of the war of the walls.