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Motorcyclists spread awareness for safety

Posted at 6:43 PM, Apr 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:49:23-04

BILLINGS – A group of motorcycle riders took to the streets of Billings Saturday to spread awareness for motorcycle safety through the Look 3 Times campaign.

Four years ago, Cindy Case, and Marty Davis started Look 3 Times in Billings. Once a year they gather local motorcycle riders to stand at various intersections around Billings. They carry signs spreading the message of safety.

“The message is to look three times for motorcycles, Davis said. “Don’t look just once. But look three times. Because it’s amazing how looking three times changes the whole aspect of your view of the motorcycles.”

Cindy Case with Beartooth Harley Davidson has a personal reason to promote safety.

“About four years ago I had a brand new bike that I bought. The first day I owned it I got rear ended,” Case said. “So that’s when I decided that we need to make people aware of motorcyclist, bicyclists, children playing, joggers. Anybody that’s out on the road.”

Marty Davis holds a sign in front of his nephew’s highway cross.

Marty Davis’s nephew Joshua Fry was killed on a motorcycle after a car ran the stop sign at Wise Lane and South frontage road. He carries the sign raising awareness in front of his nephew’s highway cross.

Highway cross for Joshua Fry.

“We’re all grandparents, parents. We have kids at home, Davis said. “We want to come back safe to our family at the end of the day.”

Davis said bikers at the event realize motorcyclists sometimes get a bad rap for reckless driving.

They hope that events like Look 3 Times will help motorists and motorcyclists to get along and share the road.

Shay Grauberger is an independent rider, she says Look 3 Times isn’t just about motorcycles.

“You know, we’re out here motorcycling because it’s our passion. It’s what we like to do. But, soon summer is going to be here and our children are going to be out playing on our sidewalks and our parks. So, just slow down Billings. You’re not in that big of a hurry. It’s not that big of a town. You don’t need to go mach one from one end to the other. Look out for everybody, Lets take care of each other.”

Some other safety tips for motorists: Give motorcycles the same room as you would a car, and just try to be looking for motorcycles on the road.

Some tips for motorcyclists: slow down, and make sure to use protective gear, including a helmet.