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Volunteers keep the Alberta Bair Theater running smoothly

Posted at 11:19 PM, Apr 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 14:49:32-04

BILLINGS – Volunteers ensure smooth operations at the Alberta Bair Theater, and they will follow the Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale to its new location at The Lincoln Center in downtown Billings.

These ambassadors of the arts share their passion with the Billings community every time the Alberta Bair Theater opens its doors, according to leaders with the symphony. The 350-member group is something of a family.

“I began in 1996. I have 1,200 volunteer hours in,” said Joice Brumfield, a 23-year volunteer. “I enjoy the community that is here. They are all my friends. It’s a good organization. I’m 85 years old, so I’ve been here a long time and continue on.”

The Alberta Bair volunteers help usher people to their seats before show time. They have the added benefit of being able to see the act perform.

This gives volunteers an opportunity to broaden their artistic palate.

Alberta Bair Theater Executive Director Jan Detrich has seen that artistic education first hand.

“I think that is what is so important for the entire arts community in Billings is exposure to different kinds of things.

The Alberta Bair Theater is close partners with the Billings Symphony. Theater volunteers will follow the symphony to its new home at The Lincoln Center while the Alberta Bair is under renovation.

“Well, we depend on them so much with the ushering, and they support us and we love having them work with us,” said Anne Harrigan, Billings Symphony conductor. “We just love having the Alberta Bair as partners, in general, to create such beautiful music and art for the community.

Alberta Bair Volunteers say they are excited for the big remodel.

“I know that after talking to the other ushers that they are all anxious to begin and to stay with the Alberta Bair,” said Brumfield. “We’re anxious to be involved.”

Tickets to the symphony’s last performance are available at the Alberta Bair Theater’s web site.